[WikiEN-l] Imajinary Guide to Orijinal Research

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  Great minds discuss ideas.
  Mediocre minds discuss events.
  Small minds discuss other people.
  --Eleanor Roosevelt 
      Mathematics: Can't get enough original research or validation or exceptions, and please state your assumptions. If you can explain loops and equations in English, then you might serve on [wikisophia] indefinitely. You might serve a longer and definite term if you can animate math. 
      Physics: No perpetual motion machines, please. Original research in nuclear science is covered by treaties and your local American army base. 
      Biology: Please restrict your original research to photographs. 
      Chemistry: This department actually has a policy regarding notability and what you can say about compounds that are not synthesized. 
      Biochemistry: No man's land. There's big pharma, there's governmental collusion, cover-ups, smear campaigns, drug promotions and oodles of tobacco funding. Wanna meet spooks and royalty? Then make a name for yourself in this field. 
      Arts: um...anything goes...sorta...not on wikipedia, though...just sorta writing about arts, like policy making and other methods of screwing you, is there. Try to make it artful, anyway, just so nobody forgets. If I bored you to tears, then I am sorry. Forget that I told you to ignore all rules until you really need to do that. 
      Biographies of Living People: This is a rat's nest of politics and corruption, starting with who writes the rules, who is a credible authority, and it does not end with those who enforce the rules. It is not safe to talk about dead people on wikipedia. No induction, really, especially if it is bad news. 
      History: News is the first rough draft of history. Your news and my news are different things, and they are both anthropocentric if not wrong. Try to understand that before you make wikipedia into a discussion forum. 

  Handy Guide to Modern Science: 
  1. If it is green or it wiggles, then it is Biology. 
  2. If it stinks, then it is Chemistry. 
  3. If it does not work, then it is Physics. 
  --"MURPHY.EXE 123" 

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