[WikiEN-l] New way to discourage newcomers invented

quiddity pandiculation at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 08:13:32 UTC 2009

There are 2 things wrong with this discussion.

1) someone replied to the proposal:
 "Isn't it time to be honest with ourselves ..."

Perhaps next time, consider the phrase: "It only takes one (1) reply,
to turn a rant (1) into an argument (2)".

2) That page, [[WP:NOT]], is an abstraction of the workings of a
community of 20,000+ participants.
If you encounter Different individuals, you'll get Different results.

It is difficult to discuss Zen writings with Literal-mindedness, or to
understand them in isolation: below the section WP:BURO is WP:ANARCHY.
Any step away from Anarchy, begins Bureaucracy.

> (there is only wiki).'  (Note: The geekword "wiki" does not suffice in
> describing the Wikipedia's actual purpose, scope, or processes, let
> alone its systems).



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