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Robert Rohde rarohde at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 18:17:22 UTC 2009

I got to spend an hour playing with a prototype a few months ago.  I
was quite impressed at how much they were able to accomplish with a
$99 price tag and reasonably intuitive interface.  It is article text
only, no images, but it is clean and easy to read.  The prototype had
several software problems, but I'll assume that those were fixed in
the intervening months.

Anyway, this appears to be a good way to increase Wikipedia's reach by
giving it physical form.  Good luck to Openmoko.

-Robert Rohde

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 8:33 AM, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Dear Community!
> Today, with the greatest of pleasure, I am ready to share with you the
> birth of our third product -- WikiReader. Three simple buttons put
> three million Wikipedia articles in the palm of your hand. Accessible
> immediately, anytime, anywhere without requiring an Internet
> connection. No strings attached. With WikiReader you'll be prepared
> for those unexpected moments when curiosity strikes. And once you have
> it, you'll realize how often you ask yourself questions during the
> day.
> WikiReader takes our original ideas of openness and accessibility to
> an even greater realm. WikiReader is so amazingly simple. There really
> is no interface. You turn it on and instantly become immersed in the
> rich world of reading specific topics or the serendipitous pleasure of
> discovering something by chance. It's perfect for all ages.
> From the "Aha!" moment when we held our first prototypes, to the last
> few months as we worked around the clock to polish every last detail,
> this product was a joy to make and even more fun to experience. We are
> head-over-heels in love with WikiReader. Never have I found so much
> fun in the little moments of curiosity life offers us. Try one and I'm
> sure you'll agree that we've delivered the essence of reading
> Wikipedia in an addictively simple form factor.
> Sales start today at http://thewikireader.com. Enjoy. Tell your
> friends. And let us know what you think!
> Sincerely
> Sean Moss-Pultz
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