[WikiEN-l] WP and Deep Web, was Re: Age fabrication and original research

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Oct 11 19:18:10 UTC 2009

stevertigo wrote:
> David Goodman <dgoodmanny at gmail.com> wrote:
>> neutrality does not exist.
> [[WP:NPOV]]??

Just because one strives for neutrality does not mean that one ever 
achieves it.

>> it is impossible to work intelligently on a subject without
>> developing a view about the disputed questions.
> Well, Sourcewallas don't need to work intelligently, really. We
> already have lots of functions that similarly avoid the use of
> unnecessary intelligence - speedy deletion of subspace drafts, for
> example.  So it's not an editorial concept as much as it is a
> gathering concept, and the role is not so much an editorial role but
> one of interface.

Subspace drafts are usually associated with Star Trek or a poorly 
insulated crawl space under one's house. ;-)

Am I interpreting your neologism "sourcewallahs" /(sp!)/ correctly?  I'm 
reading it as individuals who randomly attach sources for material 
without regard to its relevance.

>> One has to be aware of ones biases and know the devices for
>> overcoming them.
> I understand both bias and device, but I don't think these are really
> all that relevant if we can still AGF a little bit. Roles help keep
> things simple, and applying concepts of principle to simple roles
> means that any deviations can be detected without much subjectivity
> involved.
> Redundancy can work too - there is no need to rely on just one
> sourcewalla. And in any case good people can keep each other honest if
> their collective mode of function is one of openness.
One assumes good faith by recognizing that the other may not be aware if 
his own biases. Being too vigorous about shaking the tree of his biases 
may only serve to expose one's own biases.  In the myth of Adam and Eve 
Adam would have been unable to move forward if Eve had not shaken down 
that one fruit.  Shaking the tree too vigorously could have brought a 
rain of fruit to drive Adam away ... this is the same effect as going 
all-in prematurely with a good poker hand.


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