[WikiEN-l] International Olympic Committee tells Flickr user to change license

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat Oct 10 23:55:38 UTC 2009

Sage Ross wrote:
> What are the legal implications here?  Does the contract (private use
> only for photos) implicitly agreed to by Giles when he bought a ticket
> to the Olympics invalidate the CC-BY-SA license, despite that
> downstream re-users (like us) weren't a party to the original
> contract?

Can anyone produce a copy of the actual text on the back of the ticket?  
I  nevertheless see no basis for enforcing this against a third party.

Here in BC we also have the provincial government, at the behest of the 
IOC, trying to pass legislation to allow officials to remove signs from 
the windows of people's homes without a warrant if those signs offend 
the IOC.


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