[WikiEN-l] Accepting the challenge to create a new article as a newbie and see if it lasts 2 minutes - or 7 days

George Herbert george.herbert at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 00:42:35 UTC 2009

On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 5:33 PM, Ian Woollard <ian.woollard at gmail.com> wrote:
> Personally, I think there should be a level above deletion and below
> being visible in the wikipedia.
> For example if we made the wiki's stubs come up with a blank screen,
> with a disclaimer and some kind of clicky that makes the article
> appear (possibly only if you're editing it or something).
> It's not so much that the wikipedia will improve more quickly, but it
> makes the difference between a friendly wikipedia and an unfriendly
> one; the article can improve over time and graduate, right now, a lot
> of articles with potential are simply being mashed flat, along with
> the novice users feelings; it would be better if it wasn't  an AFD
> process but instead it was SFA (stub for article).

Out of curiosity, inspired by Ian's idea -

1. What happens with a new article's visibility under sighted
revisions, until someone stamps approval?

2. Can one un-sight an article and set it back into that state, if
that's a useful state?

-george william herbert
george.herbert at gmail.com

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