[WikiEN-l] IAR

stevertigo stvrtg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 00:54:59 UTC 2009

George Herbert <george.herbert at gmail.com> wrote:
> You're jumping from "IAR does not cure all" (no disagreement) to "IAR
> is harmful and must be removed", which does not logically follow.

No I am not. I am saying however that "slow is fast" and "you've got
to learn the rules before you can break them." These are not "pillars"
- these are *arcana derived through a teaching environment, and should
never be expressed to novices. The core policies are not just cider
house rules - they are principles. Foundational ones, even.

By the way, would anyone like to take a guess as to who (whom?) added
the language to WP:DISRUPT that instructs us to treat even comments
(ie. 'on talk pages') to be regarded, and thus treated, as "edits?"

And who here in general thinks its cool to block people with a
different point of view just for trying to discuss their edits on talk

"Skyscrapers are scraping together your voice..

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