[WikiEN-l] IAR

stevertigo stvrtg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 20:30:18 UTC 2009

Carcharoth <carcharothwp at googlemail.com> wrote:
> The danger there...
...is in starting out statements with phrases like "the danger there."
> ...has always been...
There is "a danger" in saying a thing "has always been." For example,
there is the danger that it is not true.

> ...that examination of civility gets elevated over examination of
> POV pushing. The POV pushing should always come first and
> be examined  first.
If, Carcharoth, you are saying here that we need some kind of
conceptual separation between issues and behavioral disputes --
between behaviourist and editorialist approaches -- I strongly agree
with your agreement to my idea.

> If you don't do that [treat POV pushing above incivility], the
> danger is that people use claims of  civil POV-pushing to
> bludgeon opponents in content disputes...

Using myself as an example, would people here appreciate it more if I
was less "civil" when I "bludgeon" someone? In my experience, people
will just jump on the Civility violation anyway - the only difference
being their emphasis on mine and not theirs.


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