[WikiEN-l] Daily Mail article on Sam Blacketer case

Charles Matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 8 12:04:32 UTC 2009

Harry Willis wrote:
> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1191474/Labour-councillor-David-Boo
> throyd-caught-altering-David-Camerons-Wikipedia-entry.html
> (Not sure "forced to resign" is accurate, given the text of his resignation
> letter.)
The story is bad news all round, for us. Here's what else is wrong with 
the Mail's coverage, though:

- "malicious tampering"

Handily assumes what it sets out to prove.

- "Any Internet user can alter pages but Wikipedia appoints supposedly 
impartial and unpaid moderators to review and correct changes."

Total myth.

- "sock-puppeting  -  using multiple, bogus online identities to create 
an illusion of support or unpopularity for a person or organisation."

"Bogus" is misleading journalese. "Pseudonymous", please. And they have 
mixed in the definition astroturfing.

- "Wikimedia UK, the British arm of the U.S. company"



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