[WikiEN-l] Admin, RFA, RFB and whatnot...

Screamer scream at datascreamer.com
Fri Feb 29 13:28:02 UTC 2008

I post this to the working list, because I want to opine, and I want to 
draw some attention to what I believe is a bad trend.  I've read some 
RFA's and the recent RFB.  I asked Riana if I could use her RFB as an 
example.  I'm not asking anyone to go support or oppose it, you all can 
do that on your on.


When I look at some of the opposes and Neutrals, primarily the ones by 
Animate and FM, I get a little confused. (regarding the KM nomination) 
Since when did RFA and RFB become political and not about trust and 
abuse potential?  It seems these discussions have evolved away from 
that.  After reading Jimbo's opinion on the matter, and this was made, 
what a few years back, perhaps he should go semi nilly willy. 

I mean what do you have to do anyway, judge RFA, renames, bots on advice 
of BAG.  How does kelly martins rfa nomination translate here.  It does not.

Any project can use good custodians, but damn, the bar is high.


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