[WikiEN-l] 2 RfBs

Screamer scream at datascreamer.com
Thu Feb 28 22:13:25 UTC 2008

Thomas Dalton wrote:
>>  I confess, I'm a little disappointed at how quickly some of the candidates
>>  have withdrawn. Does anyone else feel similarly?
> Yeah. I was especially disappointed at Majorly's reason - "oppose
> votes just hurt" (or something like that). Shows no intention to take
> constructive criticism on board and learn from it. Withdrawing so soon
> suggests the candidates weren't very serious about wanting the job.
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I think after I read everything at the linked pages, I disagree.  
Because this is all pure volunteerism, I would that candidates can and 
should withdraw, without being prejudiced by the withdrawal.  We can 
not, I believe, think to know the mind of these candidates, and shame on 
us if we hold a withdrawal against the candidates in the future.  This 
would be a mistake.  There are *MANY* reasons a withdrawal would occur 
and a good many of them do not include "candidate not very serious".  
You garner that from editing history, not one event, such as a withdrawal.


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