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Yes, and expecially as regards OTRS, that is why there is a separate mailing
list and wiki for it. However, I would posit that the times discretion is
necessary, an e-mail list, with its corresponding archive, is sufficient as
opposed to the inherent transient nature of IRC. Also, a list allows
everyone who receives the e-mail the ability to comment, as opposed to those
who happen to be on-line at the time. Lastly, for the argument that IRC has
more immediacy than a list, MOST of the time, these kinds of decisions that
require the privacy and discretion an admin-only or OTRS list requires are
better served through at the least SOME deliberation as opposed to immediate


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> Transparency is a great thing, but not everything should be (or needs to
> be). The reason the admin channel was set up was to have a private channel
> for trusted users when dealing with sensitive issues such as BLPs and OTRS
> tickets. I agree also that IRC is a pretty backward forum, but it's
> bearable. Frankly though, people who complain loudly about how awful IRC
> is
> don't get any sympathy from me, ever.

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