[WikiEN-l] Clarification re: Violent threats and Armed Blowfish

BlueJayFan admin at bluejayfan.net
Wed Feb 27 00:09:22 UTC 2008

It's no big deal, but sometimes folks get Armed Blowfish and me mixed up because of the initials.

I am User:A. B. -- an unarmed, non-piscine, mostly harmless admin.

A. B.

PS I'm glad Gerogewilliamherbert and the Foundation are taking Armed Blowfish's concerns seriously.


>  Wily D wilydoppelganger at gmail.com 

>  Mon Feb 25 17:23:53 UTC 2008


>  At the very least, "A.B." has indicated to me that a

>  member of the ArbCom has acted in a proxy role, passing

>  (at least some) information between A.B. and

>  "AnonymousWikipedian", which would certainly be more

>  complicit than "reading an email".


>  I would wager to say that "A.B." is a particularly good

>  target for this sort of thing, since you really need

>  background knowledge of A.B. to work out that they're

>  sensitive to this kind of thing - at least, a decent

>  familiarity with the various dramas.  Someone

>  established at en.wiki, though I've no reason to

>  believe they're in a role of any "power".


>  I'll stress that I've only received information from

>  A.B., and that I can't vouch for the accuracy or

>  reliability of any of it.   While my inkling is that

>  maintaining the whole A.B. personality as a persona

>  would be exceedingly difficult and they're likely to be

>  genuine, I can't attest it of my own knowledge.


>  Cheers WilyD


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