[WikiEN-l] BetacommandBot, (currently) centralized discussion

geni geniice at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 00:40:59 UTC 2008

On 25/02/2008, WJhonson at aol.com <WJhonson at aol.com> wrote:
>  The evidence has been presented.

It has not

>  BC's response or lack thereof is noted there.

Doesn't appear to be anything to respond to.

>  The actions of the bot were unnecessarily aggressive.

Really? So why are there still all these problem images. The date of
the deadline has been know for nearly a year.

>the actions of  its
>owner elicited vocal calls from established editors.

Enforcing copyright policy has never made anyone popular.

>  Ignoring the situation does not improve the  project.

The situation is not being ignored. Many many answers have been
provided. Copyright law and wikipedia policy have been explained in
more ways and to more people than any sane person would want to. The
workings of the but have been covered ad nasuam. Now either produce an
evidence based logical objection that you are prepared to defend or
admit you can't.


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