[WikiEN-l] BetacommandBot, (currently) centralized discussion

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 00:21:15 UTC 2008

On 25/02/2008, WJhonson at aol.com <WJhonson at aol.com> wrote:

>  Yes the transparency part.  But it's not *unclear* exactly.
>  BC has refused to allow transparency into the code of his bot.
>  We cannot determine what the bot exactly is using as its rules of  conduct.
>  So we cannot satisfactorily determine that it is actually in accord with  the
>  community consensus.

You have every damn edit it makes. Surely you can work out something from that.

Your total "evidence" so far is "a lot of people are upset their
pictures might be deleted for not following policy as written." If
that's the "community" opinion, then "the community" is *just plain
wrong*. I'd suggest it isn't "the community", but rather people who
don't understand and/or don't want to understand WP:NONFREE and why
it's there (as you showed earlier in this thread).

- d.

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