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As many  have observed, your real beef thus appears to be with the
Foundation's  policies and the free content nature of the  Wikimedia

No.  My beef is with the interpretation that fair-use images may not,  under 
any circumstances, by used in-wiki.  You seem to *agree* with that  position, 
do you not?  You yourself state that they  need to be used  in-context, 
opening the door for SOME use.
Your compatriots seem to believe that they may NOT be used for any purpose  
Care to address that discrepancy?  Can we all stop hitting the  "Foundation 
Policy" issue, when it's not related?  This issue is about the  
*interpretation* of nuances within.  There is no policy language which  states that fair use 
images may *never* be used.  That however is one  person's interpretation.  
It's harming the project.

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