[WikiEN-l] new compromise

Raphael Wegmann raphael at psi.co.at
Sun Feb 24 14:07:20 UTC 2008

Jimmy Wales schrieb:
> Andrew Gray wrote:
>> The basic problem is that when a debate is binary - include or don't
>> include - we can't really compromise with both sides unless we get
>> interestingly creative...
> I agree with Andrew that we should try to think beyond the simple binary 
> debate and look for interestingly creative solutions.  I suspect 
> actually that in time, with sufficient creative genius, we can come up 
> with a quasi-Pareto-improving solution.

I've tried a new compromise in a sandbox page.
It has almost no impact for the pro-image proponents
as it only adds an ambox template on top of the page.
All images stay per default visible.

The ambox at the top of the page is offering our readers
to hide all depictions of Muhammad with one click.

Since we agreed to have a calligraphy as a lead image,
those who don't want to see any depiction of Muhammad
can just click the link in the ambox and read our article
with all depictions of Muhammad hidden in collapsed tables.

Unfortunately this solution needs some additional
javascript (collapseAllTables() and expandAllTables()).

If you want to see my compromise in action, you'll
need to copy my

After refreshing your browser cache (Shift-Reload),
you should be able to see my compromise at


To implement this compromise, we should think
about a more general approach, something like a
Template:CTbox (CollapseTablesBox).


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