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We're representing that this artistic tradition is the primary  tradition,
when it is in reality a minority tradition.

For some  reason people seem to be forgetting our core content
policies, such as  NPOV, the minute images come into play rather  than

I think this mistakes the issue of the image.  I don't think anyone  has 
stated that "this artistic tradition is the primary tradition".  And I  don't 
think having a picture states that either.
Regardless of that quibble, even within our NPOV policy, we specify that we  
do give voice to significant minority viewpoints.  So how would you address  
the issue that one minority viewpoint, within Islam, is to show Muhammed in a  
pictorial representation, while another, perhaps the main one, is not?   
Silencing one is not the way we generally resolve these issues.
So what's your suggestion?
Will Johnson

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