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I find  it surprising that you seem to not notice there are extremist
viewpoints  demanding the inclusion of these images, as well as
extremist viewpoints  demanding their removal.>>

No this doesn't represent my point-of-view.
My point-of-view is, we have images of each major religious figure.
That is standard, consistent, and neutral, from *our internal*  point-of-view.
That point has been made clear cross-wiki, it's not new.  In general,  we add 
images to any article, we are encouraged to do so because readers like  
The *extremists for*, are arguing, that images are standard, helpful, and  
informative.  That we include them, regardless of whether they are  photographs, 
paintings or drawings.  That they do not necessarily represent  the actual 
truth of what a person looked like.
The *extremists against* are arguing from the point of their own religious  
dogma, asking us to support that dogma.  They are, in general, only  here to 
argue against the images, and have very little to no edits in other  articles.
Those two positions are in no way the same.
All right-thinking, enlightened, torch-bearers of justice, truth and other  
things, agree with me :)
Will Johnson

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