[WikiEN-l] Inside the iconophobic mind - a survey proposal.

Mathias Schindler mathias.schindler at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 17:16:43 UTC 2008


the english language OTRS queue does receive about 20-40 emails per
day, with a large share of emails coming from a "template" draft,
demanding  the removal of images showing the person which is
considered to be a prophet by some.

Since the large share of the emails consists of sentences which are
not from the actual person which is writing to us, it is not possible
to count this as a correct represenation of the individual intentions
of those people.

My suggestion would be to collect the email addresses from the OTRS
info-en:Muhammad sub-queue (and maybe from the general info-en queue
dealing with that topic) and send out a survey with a few questions
about their intentions. Each email to the people in that list should
contain an URL to a web based survey with a unique ID to prevent
multiple participation. Input on the wording and the methodology is
highly appreciated. Please note that some questions are overlapping.

I do not expect to get represenative figures from such a survey but
only a number of insights on the opinions of this very special group
of people who chose to send along emails to WMF, complaining about the
image. It will also cover the people who emailed us in support of
keeping the images, who could also answer the questions from their
respective point of view.

1. Topic-related:

Please state on a scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the strongest), whether
the following statements apply to you or whether you consider these
statements to be correct:

a) Knowing that a web site displays a copy of an medieval  drawing
depicting the islamic prophet Muhammad does emotionally hurt me in my
everyday life: 0-10
b) Knowing that a web site displays a copy of an medieval drawing
depicting the islamic prophet Muhammad does hurt my religious
feelings: 0 - 10
c) Contemporary islamic interpretation of iconophobia should always
apply to any web site, regardless of their country of origin or their
religous affiliation: 0 - 10
d) Threatening physical violence to people displaying medieval
drawings to force them to remove those images is justified: 0 - 10
e) It would be sufficient to provide a personal feature which allows
me to turn showing the images off (just for me). Others would still
see them as default: 0 - 10
f) It would be sufficient to move those images to a special article
called [[Depictions of Muhammed]]: 0 - 10
g) Wikipedia should be allowed to decide the question of proper
illustration of articles on their own: 0 - 10
h) Wikipedia should not only remove drawings of an unveiled Muhammad
but also any other image showing him: 0 - 10
i) Wikipedia should not only remove drawings of Muhammad but also any
other image showing people: 0 - 10
j) If Wikipedia keeps those images online, it will cause disturbances
among Muslims: 0 - 10
k) Wikipedia has an obligation to maintain articles to Islam-related
topics in a factual and neutral way: 0 - 10

2. Personal information (optional)

Please state the following information about yourself, if you want:

a) age
b) gender
c) country of origin
d) religious affiliation

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