[WikiEN-l] Can we think about trying the "show" solution?

Oldak Quill oldakquill at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 19:54:31 UTC 2008

On 22/02/2008, The Mangoe <the.mangoe at gmail.com> wrote:
>  But to address your specific comment, I don't feel compelled to
>  privilege your taking offense at hiding the images any more than I
>  feel compelled to privilege their taking offense at the presence of
>  the images in any form. As I've said a couple of times along the way,
>  the insistence on including the images in the main article and making
>  sure they are visible isn't neutral; it's anti-Islamic, or at least
>  against some very typical forms thereof. It's not that far off from
>  insisting that it is appropriate to prefer blasphemous depictions of
>  Jesus in his article.

The refusal to compromise our policy for a particular belief is not
anti-[that belief]. Any other biography article would contain an image
if one were freely available. To suggest that those who wish to
maintain this pattern is anti-Islamic is manipulative and provocative.

Oldak Quill (oldakquill at gmail.com)

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