[WikiEN-l] Can we think about trying the "show" solution?

The Mangoe the.mangoe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 17:53:36 UTC 2008

I do not think that the utter removal of the images is something
anyone in this discussion (as opposed to discussions elsewhere) thinks
is tenable. The only open issue is whether we can come up with a
compromise solution that makes the images less provocative without
damaging the truth of the articles.

But to address your specific comment, I don't feel compelled to
privilege your taking offense at hiding the images any more than I
feel compelled to privilege their taking offense at the presence of
the images in any form. As I've said a couple of times along the way,
the insistence on including the images in the main article and making
sure they are visible isn't neutral; it's anti-Islamic, or at least
against some very typical forms thereof. It's not that far off from
insisting that it is appropriate to prefer blasphemous depictions of
Jesus in his article.

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 9:14 AM, cohesion <cohesion at sleepyhead.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 10:34 PM, Tony Sidaway <tonysidaway at gmail.com> wrote:
>  >  There may be rare web browsers that cannot be told whether or not to
>  >  download inline images.  I don't think writing for those browsers
>  >  would solve the problem, which as I suggested in my earlier comment is
>  >  a matter of misconfigured liveware.
>  This seems like a fine idea. How about we put a link to a help page
>  under controversial images explaining how to turn image rendering off
>  for the site?
>  I think a lot of people are losing sight of a very real issue. It is
>  offensive to many to have to placate religious views they don't agree
>  with. I don't want to add show/hide tags to images of Muhammad any
>  more than I want to ensure that nothing negative is said about
>  scientology, or that [[Creationism]] is portrayed as a scientifically
>  valid alternative to evolution. I am not Muslim, and I am not a
>  Scientologist, and I am not a Creationist.
>  I am a Wikipedian. Our values are openness, transparency, and
>  neutrality. I do not want to remove images that are relevant because
>  it upsets some people sensibilities. That is offensive to me, and I
>  think offensive to the larger internet community. We shouldn't rush to
>  placate a group of people that are peripheral to the project, while
>  deeply offending our core editors, and our own values.
>  Judson
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