[WikiEN-l] A call for moderation

Ian Woollard ian.woollard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 01:32:13 UTC 2008

One point that I don't believe has been made; there is some precedent
for treating articles of an iconic nature differently to other
articles; for example the MOS more or less mandates that we should
emphasise national varieties of English for subjects that are iconic
for a particular nationality; we treat these in the context of the
nation that originated them.

While that doesn't speak to articles iconic to a particular
*religion*, it doesn't seem completely unreasonable that some
extension to the guidelines could potentially be made for these kinds
of cases where edit warring, at the very least, is rather likely.

The question would be what kind of guidelines could be drawn up;
perhaps if the guidelines were such that:

a) material offensive to significant number of proponents associated
with that religion was moved to a different article

b) clearly labelled wikiinks were present that pointed to the moved material

If wikilinks are present, then I don't see any reason for javascript
mechanisms, and we would not be censoring ourselves, the material
would still be present in the wikipedia, and in clickable form.

-Ian Woollard

We live in an imperfectly imperfect world. If we lived in a perfectly
imperfect world things would be a lot better.

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