[WikiEN-l] Official proposes boycotting Wikipedia for sacrilegious act

WJhonson at aol.com WJhonson at aol.com
Mon Feb 18 00:26:55 UTC 2008

IIRC , the exact logic used in the Baha U'llah case was, "we have pictures  
for all humans, we don't make special cases".  The mere fact that Baha'is  are 
a minority religion compared to Muslims, shouldn't change the logical  
position.  The fact that a minority of Muslims want to make a case out of  it, should 
make them come to the table with suggestions as well.  The  hand-wringing 
doesn't bring us any closer to a solution which should be  technical, not 
political, imho.
Tag the images "Human representations" and then anyone can write a parser  
which will not display any image tagged "human representations" and you're done. 
 That would be a consistent approach.  If they are serious in their protest,  
they should see the inherent logic and consistency in such a position.
Will Johnson

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