[WikiEN-l] A call for moderation

Peter Ansell ansell.peter at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 22:33:15 UTC 2008

On 18/02/2008, Eugene van der Pijll <eugene at vanderpijll.nl> wrote:
> Screamer schreef:
> > Here is a thought.  Perhaps the image can be collapsed, in the same
> > manner we do our {{hat}} {{hab}} collapsible text blocks.
> Question: would you do this
> a) for the two unveiled images of Muhammed in [[Muhammed]]
> b) for all images of Muhammed, including those in the Danish cartoons
> article
> c) for all images that offend a large number of people
> Just curious
> Eugene

The specifics past the first two which are a significant subset of the
last should be left to individual processes. It is better to create a
principle and a method first, then deal with specifics using the

Why should wikipedia choose to show offensive pictures together with
articles by default anyway? Censorship would be not having the images,
not making them less integrated with articles for the huge number of
anonymous viewers of wikipedia.


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