[WikiEN-l] Samiharris looks like a sock, and everyone suspected

Cool Hand Luke failure.to.communicate at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 10:41:04 UTC 2008

On Feb 13, 2008 4:20 AM, George Herbert <george.herbert at gmail.com> wrote:

> I still disagree with the consensus that's developing that Sammi and
> Mantan are necessarily the same person.  I've never seen an actual
> sock IDed that had that range of overlap and yet was consistently able
> to keep other edit patterns outside the overlap range separate.

And I've never seen two separate editors who edit during the same time of
day not once edit simultaneously over a year and other 1400 edits each.  The
depth of evidence is really quite good.

Look, it doesn't even matter what the identity is.  What's outrageous is how
inquiries into these account's behavior has been suppressed by users who
suspected a COI all along.  If you suspected it, you should have encouraged
an investigation just to make sure everything was above board.  Instead,
users like Moven continue to Wikilawyer against it.  This is outrageous.

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