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How  would that help anything? The bots and action-pages are serving a
useful  purpose. Just because only a handful of people are interest in
doing the  busy work doesn't means they control it - anyone can come
along and help  out, they just don't.>>

I just don't see it that way.
We are a project based on consensus.  That is how we've always  operated.  
It's one of our greatest strengths.
One of our greatest weaknesses is when the media claims that things are run  
by a cabal.
When decisions that affect the entire project can be made by a single  
person, and are, that's not a helpful situation.  It's not true that anyone  can 
help.  Some action pages require admin action only.  Regular  editors who chose 
not to be admins, regardless of their project input, are  sometimes and 
frequently ignored.
I've been in the project for over four years.  I have almost 12  thousand 
edits.  I sometimes feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle  against entrenched 
"that's the way we've been doing things" even though  those things are, imho, 
in violation of the project's core principles of being  open, accessible, and 
I can easily see how some in the media get the perception.  Ignoring  it, 
won't make it go away.
Will Johnson

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