[WikiEN-l] Median article size

charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Fri Feb 8 13:50:24 UTC 2008

NavouWiki wrote

> Outdated data where an approximate median size can be extrapolated.

> http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/TablesWikipediaEN.htm
> http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/ChartsWikipediaEN.htm

Thanks. Doesn't quite answer the question, since there isn't recent data. To be more precise, at average 5 bytes per word, I'd be interested in whether a median 400 words (2K therefore), or 500 words, is more plausible. The extrapolation would suggest the former, but the figure is going to be pulled down by disambiguation pages that are only technically articles. 


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