[WikiEN-l] opt-out and censorship (was: "I want to at least kill the responsible person.")

Noah Salzman nds at salzman.net
Tue Feb 5 20:47:54 UTC 2008

On Feb 5, 2008, at 11:42 AM, Ian Woollard wrote:

>> That's a good point. Perhaps we can address this issue in the short
>> term by simply having more documentation pointing people towards  
>> their
>> browser controls. We should add a second paragraph to WP:CENSOR that
>> suggests this approach.
> It seems to me that you're effectively saying that many Moslems
> shouldn't be able to see any of the wikipedia's images, and trying to
> enshrine this as policy.
> If that's not what you're saying, then I'd like to know what in
> practice the difference is, given that there's no domain/browser way
> to avoid just these images.

I wasn't thinking specifically about the images of Mohammed issue.

I was trying to suggest a general solution for a class of people who  
want to read Wikipedia but may find some images objectionable or  
disturbing. Given that there are daily admonitions regarding WP:CENSOR  
(for complaints about various images) it would be helpful to provide  
some guidance on how to work around the problem rather than just  
saying "tough luck, deal with it."

Yes, hiding all images is a rather crude tool to deal with the  
Mohammed issue. However, that specific issue should not prevent us  
from providing helpful (generic) information for alternative ways to  
use Wikipedia for the image averse. Perhaps just add a link to [[How  
to turn off images in my browser]]?


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