[WikiEN-l] "I want to at least kill the responsible person."

Magnus Manske magnusmanske at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 4 13:40:29 UTC 2008

On Feb 4, 2008 10:05 AM, Mathias Schindler <mathias.schindler at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Feb 4, 2008 10:53 AM, Ben Yates <ben.louis.yates at gmail.com> wrote:
> > We should provide an alternate "Mohammad" page without any images on
> > it.  Telling people to edit their javascript is silly; most people
> > aren't nearly tech savvy enough to understand what that even means
> > (for example, they have to first understand that a web page can be
> > displayed differently for different users).
> There is a rather fundamental flaw in this proposal (actually, in
> both): They don't want a page where they can look at without having to
> see an image that is said to be that of its founder, they want the
> picture removed completely. The javascript/css-option is only meant as
> an alibi, without any chance to actually appease those who prefer
> censorship over content they don't agree with. The more complicated
> the option is, the longer it might serve as a diversion. A better
> choice would be a patch the firefox sources that disables rendering of
> images that contain "muhammad" (in different spellings) that needs
> recompilation of firefox.

I read a few of the comments, and one of them actually has a point:
There are apparently no "real" images of Mohammad, only phantasy
drawings of what he might have looked like.

I have little sympathy for /any/ religion which claims to be offended
by the truth (that is, all religions;-) but in this case, we already
[[Depictions of Muhammad]]

So, IMHO a compromise could be to move all the depictions there. I
realize that's not what the petitioners want, which is to ban /all/
these images from wikipedia, but, well, tough luck. Don't want to see
depictions of Muhammad? Don't go to [[Depictions of Muhammad]]!

I think this is as far as we can go, but no further.


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