[WikiEN-l] Why Wikipedia is imperfect

michael west michawest at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 11:44:29 UTC 2008

Verbum Sapienti springs to mind. Thats quite an essay. Your idea of an
inferno of the printed page is not going to happen. Laptops aren't as cuddly
in bed as book and you can't annote bullshit in your own hand in the margin
on the net (unless you can count Citation Needed!).

Flagged articles will presumably cut the crap, I have a few concerns about
it being viable and who will be trusted to review articles. But that is
surely for another thread.

Bias is unavoidable in any discipline with set rules. Bias on Wikipedia is
framed as consensus. The bias is certainly not overt and many articles have
a criticism section although framed within our consensus.

Long essays like this generally get overlooked. A word to the wise is better
than a thousand words. Just make a few points and you can always debate them
later if a mail gain interest.


(previous text removed because it was just too long for the list)

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