[WikiEN-l] Defeat: Notability is Policy

Steve Summit scs at eskimo.com
Sat Feb 2 05:05:10 UTC 2008

White Cat wrote:
> I do not understand this sudden urge to raise our bar so high that we are
> now thinking of deleting just about a million articles or more. This new
> trend is counter-productive f it follows the course of mass deletion.

Ain't that the truth.

I know it's not as bad as it seems, but sometimes it really does
seem like all the latest trends of Wikipedia editing involve...
deleting things.  It's as if there are editors who make it their
primary mission to delete all unlicensed or wrongly-licensed
images, to tag and then delete all unsourced statements, to
delete all "non-notable" articles.  These crusades are always
wrapped in righteous mantles of "improving the encyclopedia",
but speaking of raising the bar, the bar for "improving the
encyclopedia" through deleting stuff ought to be much higher
than for adding stuff.

Writing is more like painting than sculpture.  We're not taking
a block of marble and carving away everything that doesn't look
like an encyclopedia.

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