[WikiEN-l] WikiEN-l Digest, Vol 55, Issue 1

LaraLove laralove at bathrobecabal.org
Fri Feb 1 16:50:18 UTC 2008

 > Peter Ansell wrote:
> > Ray Saintonge wrote:
>> > I absolutely agree.  Much of this is a matter of trying to find a middle
>> > way between the nutcases and paranoiacs.  There is no evidence to show
>> > that the proportion of nutcases is any higher than it ever has been.
>> > They just have more tools (as do we), and the media relishes giving them
>> > more importance than they deserve.  There's something dreadfully wrong
>> > when we cannot perform normal acts for the sole speculative reason that
>> > we might be face-to-face with a nutcase.  Being overly protective of
>> > children is damaging too when it prevents them from gaining normal life
>> > experience.
> In a case where it is letting a child go to the park on their own or
> letting them walk home from school on their own I would disagree that
> you are in anyway giving them life experience as a fair rational
> payoff for the risks. I see photos on the internet as having the same
> bad qualities without any of the supposed good to the child when they
> find out people did things to a photo of them when they were little,
> and their parents explicitly encouraged them to do it by licensing the
> photo a certain way.
> Peter
You seriously have no idea what you're saying. To say "their parents 
explicitly encouraged" people to make negative alterations to their 
children's images by "licensing the photo a certain way" is so far 
beyond ignorant, I can't even believe you've said it. Stop playing the 
victim in a situation where you are obviously incapable of holding a 
civilized conversation. The whole thing is moot at this point, as 
someone else, for whom I have respect for, made a completely different 
argument about something completely unrelated to this stupidity and I've 
subsequently removed all references to my kids and deleted the images.

However, Peter, you need to reevaluate this situation and figure out how 
utterly shameful your remarks have been. You've now managed to offend 
(specifically) two Wikipedians by calling us "irresponsible parents" for 
uploading images of our kids, and now stating that in doing so we've 
"explicitly encouraged" bad people to alter said images. And let's not 
forget the post where you stated the United States has a different 
culture from Australia in that it is easily annoyed, scandalous and full 
of ultra-sensitive parents. Forgetting, of course, that Pedro is British 
and was just has offended as me.


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