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Sun Oct 14 19:39:37 UTC 2007

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Fred Bauder wrote:
> No question it contained an attack, including a link to edit our
> user's page. The problem is that many of us like Michael Moore
> very much and don't care much for the viewpoint of the user involved.
> Applying our policy in a rote manner (Without consideration of the
> unwritten rule that we support prominent subjects that we like)
> yields removal of the link

Is this tongue-in-cheek, or are you actually suggesting that we
ought to be applying this sort of "unwritten rule" in this manner?

> (At least while it contained the personal attack).

Yeah, I just noticed that, too.  The edit war died down and
our link was restored not because all concerned agreed that the
policy-that-must-not-be-called-BADSITES was nonsense, but because
Moore removed his link.  If his was still there, I'm sure our
argument would still be raging.

> Obviously we need to make an exception for prominent people whose
> viewpoint we support. And by the way, I am not joking.

Oh, my.  I really thought you were.  How, then, is this remotely
compatible with NPOV?


Not at all. That's why it needs to be out in the open.


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