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On 14/10/2007, Steve Summit <scs at eskimo.com> wrote:

> I must have missed something.  Are there people seriously
> advocating that [[Michael Moore]] cannot contain a link to
> michaelmoore.com?  If so, I'd say this proves beyond doubt that
> the policy-that-can't-be-called-BADSITES really is unworkable,
> that the bizarre repercussions which some have predicted are
> not only realistically possible, but have already happened.

They have seriously tried to remove the link from the article as
containing a personal attack on a Wikipedia editor (which it arguably
did) and edit-warred to keep it off, yes.

- d.


No question it contained an attack, including a link to edit our user's page. The problem is that many of us like Michael Moore very much and don't care much for the viewpoint of the user involved. Applying our policy in a rote manner (Without consideration of the unwritten rule that we support prominent subjects that we like) yields removal of the link (At least while it contained the personal attack).


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