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Sun Jul 1 19:24:19 UTC 2007

If a vandal came here and started randomly deleting external links, we
would immediate recognize that they're deleting valuable content and
we should defend the encyclopedia from them. But when those very same
deletions are done out of a compassion to protect the harassed,
suddenly it's very hard to see that a valuable part of our
encyclopedia just got deleted. But we _NEED_ the link to Michael
Moore-- and just as surely as we should defend it from a vandal
deletion, we should defend it from a compassionate deletion.
(although, of course, we have far more respect for the deleters in the
latter case).

BADSITES is a test of Wikipedia, the Uncensored, Free Encyclopedia
dedicated to covering everything notable. It is a test of whether this
project, or any project so conceived and dedicated, can long endure.
If we given in to the temptation to censor, and if we don't change our
minds later and turn back, then in the end, Wikipedia will just be
little more than a fancy blog host.

I want Wikipedia to work. I want the world to have a Wikipedia. I want
the Wiki process to work. And if I can take a few minutes out of my
day to try to help the Wikipedia stay free, and work, that has to be
worth my time.

I don't know how to help the world. What action can I take that will
help give a citizen of China the right to vote in a democratic
election? What can I do, today, to help make a woman in Saudi Arabia
be allowed drive a car? I don't know. But one think I can do to make
the world a little better is try to protect Wikipedia from becoming a
censored oligarchy. And silly as it is, I think in the end, that will
help the world.

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