[WikiEN-l] #wikipedia IRC channel guidelines review

Mark Ryan ultrablue at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 16:35:01 UTC 2007

Hello everyone.

As a few of you may know, about 5 weeks ago some new guidelines were
put into place on meta for the IRC channel #wikipedia. At the same
time, the operator access list for the channel was emptied and started
from scratch.

The changes were quite unpopular, to say the least. A discussion
thread was started about them on the foundation-l mailing list, but
probably should have been started on wikipedia-l.

Now that I am back from my holiday, I have opened a review discussion
about the guidelines on their talk page on meta, which you can access
at the follow URL:


I would very much appreciate the input there of all people who have an
interest in the guidelines, and indeed any users of the
Wikipedia-affiliated IRC channels on Freenode.

~Mark Ryan

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