[WikiEN-l] Conflict of Interest and lobbyists for foreign governments

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 30 02:25:08 UTC 2007

K P wrote:
> So, how dare the Israels do on Wikipedia what every one else is doing,
> or how dare they announce that they are doing it when everyone else is
> so cleverly hiding it?

It's wrong for other groups to push POVs on Wikipedia too, of course,
whether they try to hide it or not. It's silly to suggest otherwise.

There isn't a double standard at work here. The reason Israelis in
particular are being discussed right now is because an Israeli
organization just publicly stated their intent to push their POV in an
organized manner. Find an example of a similar statement by some other
group and start a thread about it and I'm sure you'll see many of the
same reactions.

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