[WikiEN-l] Metapedia - worse than Conservapedia

Bryan Derksen bryan.derksen at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 28 03:54:11 UTC 2007

Marc Riddell wrote:
> on 7/27/07 12:27 PM, Bryan Derksen at bryan.derksen at shaw.ca wrote:
>> It's not constant, it's only been for the past couple of days.
> Criticism of other sites has been occurring only in the past couple of
> days!?! I must be reading a different List from you.

This thread only goes back to the 24th. That's three days by my watch.

>> And it's
>> not "Wikipedia" that's doing the criticizing, since that would run afoul
>> of NPOV, it's just a couple of Wikipedians. So the real question is
>> "should some Wikipedians occasionally criticize other sites?"
> And I am speaking to that "couple (?) of Wikipedians" when I say we should
> spend our time and energy focusing on growing and improving our own site.
> Anything else in minor league.

If you're speaking to those Wikipedians then say that you're speaking to
those Wikipedians. The point of my previous post was that you were
asking an incorrect question.

>> Sometimes criticism is valuable, and sometimes it is deserved.
> And, sometimes, it is just childish.

Sure. But _is_ it this time? You didn't make any sort of case.

>> Heck,
>> we've got a list somewhere on Wikipedia itself (in the Wikipedia
>> namespace mind you) where we keep a big list of errors Britannica has
>> made that Wikipedia has corrected.
> An amateur waste of space.

In Your Opinion. In my opinion, all other potential uses aside, a list
like this is good for making sure common misconceptions don't slip back
into articles. People write articles based on information in Britannica

How about that Nature study a while back that identified a bunch of
errors in Wikipedia articles? We corrected all of them in short order.
Also a waste of space?

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