[WikiEN-l] Fair use redux; the second coming of hell; Are we a free content or aren't we?

Alex axel9891 at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 19 19:08:13 UTC 2007

I don't think it's the best solution to restrict uploads. It'd be easier if
local uploads were simply disabled, and people would use the free media
resource that is Commons.

Alex (Majorly)

On 19/07/07, WikipediaEditor Durin <wikidurin at gmail.com> wrote:
> This morning, I did a survey of 100 image uploads. The sample size
> with relation to
> the overall quantity of image uploads per month is not statistically
> significant, but
> it is terrifying nonetheless. With that grain of salt in mind;
> I found that 44% of images uploaded were tagged as being under a non-free
> license.
> Let that sink in for a bit. 44%
> That's nearly HALF our image uploads.
> Reviewing five days worth of uploads, we are (at least this month)
> going to upload
> about 76 thousand images. Fully 33 thousand of them are or will be tagged
> as
> non-free content.
> Let THAT sink in for a bit. 33 thousand per month. Over a year, assuming
> growth, we're looking at a whopping half million images uploaded over the
> next year under a non-free license.
> We need a culture change. We need it now.
> The English Wikipedia is no longer a free content encyclopedia and is
> not working towards our mission of providing neutral educational content
> under a free content license.
> Either we need to drop the charade that we are a free content
> encyclopedia,
> or we need to harshly restrict image uploads until better tools are in
> place
> to handle the overwhelming deluge of non-free content we are being hit
> with on a daily basis, and the overwhelming mass of non-free images
> we are currently suffering under is reviewed.
> If the people are on this mailing list are unable to make decisions on
> this, who should I take this matter to? I'm of the understanding that
> Jimbo
> wanted this list to be the main source of business work, so to speak.
> Yet, the support I've seen regarding fair use issues brought up in an
> earlier thread is weak at best. Is there another place I should be taking
> this?
> -Durin
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