[WikiEN-l] Fair use redux; the second coming of hell; Are we a free content or aren't we?

Stan Shebs stanshebs at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 19 15:39:03 UTC 2007

WikipediaEditor Durin wrote:

> [...] Maybe I'm naive, but we've had diktats that have been
> enforced before. Right now, as noted in the prior thread, we have a
> badly muddled situation that is ultimately untenable. There ARE
> alternatives.
What are these alternatives then? It's not like you're the first 
Wikipedian to have agonized over all this.

The situation is muddled, but less than it was. To borrow your sports 
analogy, if you have a team that's losing year after year, do you figure 
out what needs to change long-term and implement it steadily, even if it 
might mean several more years of losing before things turn around, or do 
you cast around for something - star player, yet another coach, new 
mascot - in the hopes of getting a win immediately?

It's a hard problem, and it's going to defeat everyone who has to have a 
solution Right Now.


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