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Gregory Kohs thekohser at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 13:25:47 UTC 2007

>On 7/13/07, Sheldon Rampton <sheldon at
>>* Heads up: Just today I happened to notice that Wikipedia has a bio
*>>* that reads like a press kit for [[Ronn Torossian]], the owner/founder
*>>* of a New York city PR firm named [[5W Public Relations]], which has

>Tell [[WP:COIN]]. That's what they deal with.


 I am amazed that Guy Chapman and User:Calton are letting this stand:


A firm with "only" $9,000,000 in revenue, and the article created by the
Senior VP of the firm?  I am shocked!  Where is Jimmy Wales with a
MyWikiBiz-style cell phone call to both Ronn Torossian and Juda Engelmayer?

Yet, a stable article about ICR (International Communications Research)
which still has seven article-based links pointing to it, the anti-Kohs
clique hastened to delete, despite $20,000,000 in revenue and numerous news
mentions of the company's studies (I see forty Google News citations of
"International Communications Research" in just the past month).  I can see
why Badlydrawnjeff decided that it's hopeless to work with such rampant
deletionists, when they can't even be consistent with their deletions, nor
clean up after themselves by removing all the red-links they create.

Thanks for bringing this to the list's attention, Sheldon.  Looks like
nothing serious was actually done about it, though.

P.S. I don't work for ICR any more, so there's no conflict of interest in me
mentioning how its article was needlessly erased by the vindictive crew we
know and love.

P.P.S. I wrote about this privately to Guy, but he's got his e-mail set to
reject anything from my address.  Remember, he's quoted as saying that he
doesn't "ignore" e-mails.

Makes a whole lot of sense.


Gregory Kohs
Cell: 302.463.1354

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