[WikiEN-l] WikiAbuse gone

Blu Aardvark jeffrey.latham at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 05:38:31 UTC 2007

Steven Walling wrote:
> "a kindlier, gentler attack site"? That's supposed to be a defence? It's
> like saying some Nazis weren't as bad as Goering.
It triggered my sarcasm meter. Perhaps yours needs a bit of 
recalibration. :p

> I'm not defending the validity of the lawsuit. What I was criticizing is an
> attack on those who criticise a site built for the express purpose of
> criticism. Saying that WA has the right to snipe at every little action
> taken by admins, and then calling those who give equally harsh criticism of
> WA "cowards" is obvious hypocrisy. Aren't the cowards those who build an
> entire separate, anonymous apparatus for taking potshots (even useful ones)
> at admins the cowards? Why not have some balls and try and affect a real,
> lasting change from within Wikipedia, rather than running away and creating
> a space for disgruntled users to tell their sob story without any
> opportunity for rebuttal?

Personally, I think that Rootology had an excellent idea, but poor 
execution of that idea. He was, however, at least making an attempt to 
keep the bullshit down - and the bullshit was being flung from both sides.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but Rootology did have the balls to "try 
and affect a real, lasting change from within Wikipedia", and he was 
banned for "trolling" as a result of that . So he set up a secondary 
site designed to try and affect a change, using a clear identity. He 
executed it poorly, but I have no doubt that he genuinely did have good 
intentions behind it.

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