[WikiEN-l] No "list of X" article unless there's already a good "X" article

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Jul 16 22:09:17 UTC 2007

Guy Chapman aka JzG wrote:

>On Mon, 16 Jul 2007 09:02:06 -0700, Ray Saintonge wrote:
>>A lot depends on the saus that you accord to "List" articles.  I tend to 
>>treat them as a combination Index and To-do reference.  Until standard 
>>practice in books requires references to the index of the book, I don't 
>>see why we should be so taken with ourselves as to require references there.
>I would say that it comes rather from the way the list is compiled.
>Some lists are compiled from the editors' best guess at whether they
>meet the criteria, or are sourced form the International Journal of
>Everybody Knows, which as you will be aware is a notoriously
>unreliable source.
By treating IJEK as a standard reference for lists we are able to keep a 
significant inventory of work to be done.


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