[WikiEN-l] WikiAbuse gone

Guy Chapman aka JzG guy.chapman at spamcop.net
Sat Jul 14 12:52:28 UTC 2007

On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 14:58:39 +1000, Mark Gallagher
<fuddlemark at gmail.com> wrote:

>Did you actually read WA at all?  It attempted to be a kindler, gentler 
>attack site.  It gave me the willies, being run by a known dickhead, but 
>it was easy to see that: a) it was doing no harm, and b) if its stated 
>intentions were genuine[1], it could actually be a Force For Good.

Yes.  But there was one fatal flaw: the burden of proof was reversed,
so that grudge bearers could insert whatever the hell they liked, and
the "rouge admin" then had to prove they were right by reference, in
many cases, to things which the WA crown could not see, often for
excellent reasons (deleted attack pages, for example).  

As an assumption of bad faith, it was problematic, as an assumption of
bad faith with most of the power given to idiots like Jonathan Barber
(JB196), who screams "abuse!" every time we block one of his hundreds
of socks, and screams even louder when he says it was not him.  The
idea of going away and thus preventing any of this purported
collateral damage is simply not on his agenda.  So I can't say I'm
sorry to see it go.  Rootology is, I believe, sincere in wanting
Wikipedia to be better, but a good number of the contributors are
sincere only in wanting to pretend that their being booted for rampant
self-promotion and idiocy was somehow not appropriate.

The prize piece for me is the idea that I, personally, am sexist
because I do not recognise that there are any major women composers of
opera.  See if you can identify the statement in this arbitration case
that "proves" I am a sexist and absolutely demands an apology, lack of
which apology "proves" that I am an /unrepentant/ sexist:


Guy (JzG)

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