[WikiEN-l] FredBauder"clarifies"onattackkk site link policy

Mark Gallagher fuddlemark at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 04:43:46 UTC 2007

G'day Guy,

> On Fri, 06 Jul 2007 02:50:24 -0700, Ray Saintonge
> <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
>> People with a legitimate reason 
>> for making such links would sleep peacefully; thoe who link with 
>> attitude would face the wrath of the whole community.
> So you say.  I wouldn't know, because I've never seen a legitimate
> reason for linking to WR.

You keep saying that phrase.  I do not think it has the significance you 
think it has.

I'd wager that there are a great many websites on this wide brown land 
we call "the Internet" that Guy Chapman can't think of a good reason to 
link to.  It wouldn't surprise me if there were millions of the buggers. 
  Why don't we flat-out ban links to them?

Because we *don't* ban links to websites because we can't think of a 
legitimate reason to link to them.  We *just don't do it*.  We need a 
stronger argument than, "I can't think why you would want to link there 
in good faith."

You've claimed in the past to *have* such arguments.  Personally, they 
don't strike me as particularly strong either, but they're better than 
the outright furphy you state above.

Wikipedians do not need your approval before linking to any website on 
the Internet.  No, sir, we do not.  Please desist from this argument, 
because, frankly, it makes you look an ass.

Mark Gallagher
"'Yes, sir,' said Jeeves in a low, cold voice, as if he had been bitten 
in the leg by a personal friend."
- P G Wodehouse, /Carry On, Jeeves/

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