[WikiEN-l] Disgusting behavior on AN:I

Mark Gallagher fuddlemark at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 12:32:15 UTC 2007

G'day Guy,

<many snips/>

> If people don't want MONGO to snap at them they might consider not
> baiting him.  The ED trolls (of whom there have been several) are not
> gentle cuddly fluffy types.  Neither are the conspiracy POV-pushers.

That reminds me of something my mother once said when I got into fights 
with those who teased me.  It took me a few years to grow up and realise 
she was right.

I suspect, despite appearances, that I am younger than MONGO.  Perhaps 
his mother never said the things mine did.

Mark Gallagher
"'Yes, sir,' said Jeeves in a low, cold voice, as if he had been bitten 
in the leg by a personal friend."
- P G Wodehouse, /Carry On, Jeeves/

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