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Daniel R. Tobias dan at tobias.name
Thu Jul 12 00:01:43 UTC 2007

On 11 Jul 2007 at 23:28:53 +0100, Zoney <zoney.ie at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Wikipedia-style consensus"

That's defined as:

Character-assassinate everybody who disagrees with your side of a 
dispute, by applying every label you think can possibly be made to 
stick, such as:

1. Troll
2. Single-purpose account
3. Partisan of an attack site
4. Sockpuppet
5. Meatpuppet
6. Seems to live in the same state as a banned user
7. Was once warned about bad behavior by an admin
8. Seems to have similar opinions to a banned user
9. Has a low edit count
10. Has too few edits in main article space; thus not a useful 
11. Has too few edits outside main article space; thus not 
knowledgeable in policy and governance issues
12. Has mostly been fighting vandals; has no real experience making 
substantive edits
13. Hasn't been fighting vandals enough; has no familiarity with how 
pernicious and harmful they are, so their opinion on anything 
pertaining to this is suspect

Once all opposing views are successfully labeled, then claim a 
consensus because all remaining people agree.

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