[WikiEN-l] My favorite Wikipedia article ever

Kurt Maxwell Weber kmw at armory.com
Sat Jul 7 13:40:15 UTC 2007

On Saturday 07 July 2007 06:24, Brian Salter-Duke wrote:
> Note I said "a set of criteria". I agree no simple rubric will do. I
> think we need to decentralise the idea of notability even more than we
> do and trust the WikiProjects and other subject guidelines as long as
> they are all openly and tranparently discussed and consensus reached.

You know, I proposed essentially this exact same idea on [[Village 
Pump/Proposals]] a year or two ago and I was attacked incessantly under the 
assumption that it was just a scheme to enforce my "extreme inclusionist" 
Kurt Weber
<kmw at armory.com>

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