[WikiEN-l] Wikimentary

Ariel Rosner arosner at globalvision.org
Wed Jul 11 20:16:54 UTC 2007

Dear wiki community member,

This message comes to you from fellow travelers who want to advance open
source creativity. Our particular focus is moving the current OS online
focus from a strictly textual one to a richer multimedia, full motion video-
and-audio experience. As a first step toward that end, we have set up a wiki
about wikis...a wiki wiki, if you will.

At http://globalvision.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page, our goal is work with you
to gather information
on all things wiki, and then to make an open source documentary ­ a
'wikimentary' ­ about the overall wiki phenomenon. As you know, novel uses
of the wiki are appearing almost everyday, in areas as disparate as
politics, humor, medicine and banking... We've already begun assembling
information and links about as many applications as we can find -- but we
need your help to know more. So PLEASE share your wiki experiences with us
at globalvision.wikia.com to and let us know what you know. (You might also
consider shooting and posting some video of your own!)

We want to hear from as many of you as possible to help us determine what
routes we should take, both creatively and logistically. So any advice,
contacts, links or suggestions you may contribute will be greatly

If you wish to be personally subscribed (your individual email address
instead of this mailing list) to more emails featuring updates on the
Wikimentary (via your individual email address instead of this list), please
respond directly to arosner at globalvision.org.  Thank you.

Rory O'Connor and Ariel Rosner

PS Keep an eye out for the our rough cut 'video stub' at Wikimania 2007!

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